Interview with Miracle

Note: This news article was first released 07/28/2015 here:

Produced by: Storm Front Publishing
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 28/07/2015

Rich: As a producer what do you want to bring to this show?

Miracle: It’s my first time producing a project and I’m loving every second of it. I’ve always liked the idea of collaborating with like-minded people who have similar work-ethics and the driving desire to create something incredible, in a capacity other than actor. It’s a learning process for sure, but also an amazing opportunity to rally all the talented people I have in my life and make something special. At the end of the day, I’m a person that can get things done, which is why I think the producing aspect feels like such a good fit for me. I look forward to building a safe, inspiring, creative and productive environment with the rest of our team, so we can make the best show possible.

Rich: How would you describe the main character of Insane Jane?

Miracle: Lovable. Hopeful. Ill. Well-meaning. Delusional. Misunderstood. Funny. Loves her donuts. Has an innate, intense need for justice and knows with her whole heart that becoming The Avenging Star was absolutely the right thing to do. So was getting off her meds.

Rich: As an actor will you be getting into Jane’s character and personality on screen?

Miracle: Of course! And I cannot wait!

Rich: Is there any particular way you get into character?

Miracle: Every actor has their own approach to “character” and a lot of actors approach each medium differently too. (TV vs. Film vs. Theater). Actors often approach each character a little differently too. Without getting too deep into my “process”, or the background work I do, etc. I can tell you that at the heart of all of it, my goal is to just be in the moment and without judgment. Live the character’s truth, and let the character take over. Once you learn the lines you’re free to go on the journey and that is the best part of the whole process for me! I love getting on that roller-coaster, buckling my seat belt, throwing my hands up in the air and just enjoying the ride…wherever it takes me. There’s nothing like it.

Rich: How did you become involved with the series “Insane Jane”?

Miracle: Darren (the creator of the Insane Jane comic) and I were introduced to each other through my management company. He was a fan of mine from Dollhouse and said that I’d be a perfect Jane and that we should make a TV Show. Obviously, I was beyond flattered and couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.
Let me also just state how lucky I feel to be working with these three guys. Darren is so sweet and supportive and it’s really encouraging to know that he trusts us with our vision of where we want to take Jane. Peter directed me in a short we did together, so it was nice to already have that established relationship. To have him as a producing partner and guide on this journey, though, is priceless to me. And I honestly can’t say enough about Tracy. The way he’s painting her world, blows me away. Every line he writes is exactly how I imagined the show being (and often BETTER than I imagined). I can see it all unfolding before my very eyes and I couldn’t be happier.

Rich: In “Dollhouse” you played Mellie, November and Madeline. Was it hard to play three different roles?

Miracle: The whole experience was very intense but incredibly fun! I auditioned to be November, actually, and Mellie was just a happy accident. I was excited when November finally got to make her appearance, but Mellie will always have a place in my heart. She was my favorite of the 3. I felt very challenged by Madeline (in a good way), November was super fun, and Mellie was home.

Rich: How was making “Shelf Life” and playing Nunja?

Miracle: haha I love that this was one of the questions in this interview. Shelf Life was an awesome web series created by my good friends, Yuri & Tara, and I was very happy they asked me to come play on set with them. The idea of a toy named NUNJA (half nun, half ninja) is still hilarious to me and she was a total hoot to play. My costume was pretty bad ass too.

Rich: What has been your greatest role, so far as your concerned?

Miracle: Hopefully Jane.

Rich: Do you prefer doing a movie or series?

Miracle: Theater is my first love, movies are an incredible thing to be a part of, but to be honest, I’m REALLY excited to return to television.

Rich: What is your work ethic?

Miracle: I think in every aspect of my life, I try to do things with integrity. Always be honest, but considerate. Work for the greater good of your team. Work efficiently, not quickly. It’s important to take responsibility for yourself and ALL your actions. Owning your failures makes owning your successes even sweeter.

Rich: Why do you enjoy acting so much?

Miracle: This might actually be indescribable. I’ve always known it’s what I wanted to do and I have yet to find anything else that makes me any where near as happy.

Rich: What do you have planned next for your career besides “Insane Jane”?

Miracle: Honestly, most of my energy is going into Jane and making it the best it can be. I’m so happy to have something this rich and full of possibility to work on; I can barely contain my excitement!
Other than that, my ukulele duo with my husband, Christopher May (UKE BOX HEROES) is rockin’ and rollin’ and we’re finally working on our new album due out this Fall. We’re so thrilled that we get to make music together and feel blessed that so many people enjoy what we do. The support really means a lot to us.

Rich: What do you like to do to relax?

Miracle: The quickest way for me to chill out and re-focus is just by stepping outside, feeling the breeze on my skin and the sun on my face. Nothing puts me at ease quicker than that. Nature is pretty awesome.

Rich: Any words for all your adoring fans?

Miracle: Thank you so much for all your support and I hope you enjoy Jane! Be excellent to each other.