Tracy Morse: Writer for Insane Jane

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Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 27/07/2015

Rich: What is the story line of “Insane Jane”?Tracy: In a nut shell (that’s possibly an asylum joke) INSANE JANE is about a schizophrenic superhero called Avenging Star who battles super villains she may or may not have created in her own mind, and her own personal battles both physically and mentally to save herself and the world. Yup, that about sums it up.Rich: Will you be staying close to the comic book?

Tracy: I’ll be staying very close to the comic book. There is so much story and character to be mined from the original series, as well as hints to the direction of the future, that the entire TV series and everything that follows will have its roots firmly planted in the original source material.

Rich: What kind of super-hero is Jane?

Tracy: She’s flawed, crazy, and delusional… as well as exceedingly fearless, endearing, funny and human. The word ‘hero’ applies to Jane in multiple ways. A woman selflessly seeking justice for the world while simultaneously battling her own mental illness. Jane is amazing.

Rich: Why do you think “Insane Jane” will be a successful TV series?

Tracy: Jane is the ultimate underdog. She’s flawed, but fearless. She’s who we all are, and what we aspire to be. We can relate to her and feel for her. Her triumphs will be our own. And in a world dominated (aka getting bored) with male superheroes, a FEMALE superhero, with so much depth and texture, as well as action and fun, is a win win.

Rich: How did you become involved in the “Insane Jane” TV series?

Tracy: I’ve been a life long comic book fan and collector. My dad died when I was 8 and comics kind of just keep me grounded. I met Stan Lee a few years ago and told him my story and said “Thanks for raising me.” He looked at me and said “You look like you turned out alright. You’re welcome. But don’t ask me for any past allowance.” I think Susan (my rep at Bohemia) put me together with Peter & Miracle for that reason. Not meeting Stan Lee. The first part.

Did I mention I met Stan Lee?

Rich: What do you think of the others involved in the creative process of this show?

Tracy: Miracle is just straight up awesome. Her energy and enthusiasm is completely infectious. She’s also ridiculously smart and an effortless collaborator.

Peter is really tall.

Rich: Why should people watch “Creature” and “Demon Legacy”?

Tracy: I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN DEMON LEGACY! I know it’s being released soon in the states as PARANORMAL SORORITY. I’ll catch it then. It’s based on a script I wrote aaaaages ago called SEE HOW THEY RUN but I haven’t been involved with the production for a while. CREATURE is just balls out, guy-in-a-rubber-suit monster fun.

Rich: Why would someone want to become a writer of movies or TV series?

Tracy: Because they’re clinically insane and love heartbreak and misery, or they absolutely love to tell stories. I vacillate between both those reasons often on a daily basis.

Rich: Do you find reading helps you to be a better writer?

Tracy: Absolutely. Especially screenplays and comic books. What is even more helpful is listening to people. I can’t write at home, too many reasons there not to write (Netflix). I have to go to a bar or coffee shop or restaurant and jack in to all the conversations around me. Just listening to people talk about their lives really helps me keep my dialog grounded in the real world and not in “movie speak”. Also there’s usually pie.

Rich: Have you or would you like to write a book?

Tracy: Nope and nope.

Rich: Which script that you have written are you most proud of?

Tracy: Usually the latest one.

Rich: Do you like to sketch and if so of what?

Tracy: I do! I was a cartoonist and tattoo artist for many years, and recently I’ve been doing some storyboard work. I love horror movies and monsters, that’s mostly what I like to doodle. I made a short last year called WEDNESDAY THE 13TH based on a sketch I did of Wednesday Addams facing off against Jason Voorhees. That was a fun little film.

Rich: How did you get the nickname of Chopper D?

Tracy: Many years ago I was working as a talent agent (but still writing my ass off), and one of my clients came to me with one of my scripts in his hand (which he got at an audition) and was furious that his “agent” was “moonlighting” as a “writer”. So I needed a nom de plume. At that point I was only writing horror, and my three most current scripts were LOCKJAW (which became CREATURE), BLOODSTORY (a Vampire movie) and LIP LOCK. All of them had “teeth” elements. So I became CHOPPER DENTON. And now I still use that name on my short films and low low low budget horror flicks.

Rich: Any final words of wisdom?

Tracy: Brush your teeth AT LEAST twice a day. And never trust squirrels.

Richard Vasseur